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Thursday, June 5, 2014

schools out...for SUMMER!

We can finally celebrate that school is OUT for summer!!!  I'm done for the school year, and R will still go some this summer for fun days and when I have things I have to do.  He loves school so it's not a problem at all!  He's actually sad sometimes when he misses!

He asked for me to fix his hair into a mohawk...this is as good as it got though with his hair so long!  He has six friends that graduated this year which is exciting and sad at the same time...they will all be headed off to Kinder, but that means it's R's turn to be one of the "big kids" at school!

He's gone for not caring about his letters last Spring to being able to recognize them all...and the sounds that they make.  Just in the past 3 weeks he has started to say, "What does S-L-U-S-H spell?" So that makes me happy for him.  I know sometimes it's harder for boys to actually CARE about learning, school and letters...so I am happy to see R is wanting to learn and IS learning (I credit SB, not myself!).

He also asked how to spell TIGER the other day.  So I said each letter's sound and he told me what letter made that sound, and basically spelled out TIGER with my help!  I was so proud!

He has one more year of PreK so I have no doubt he will be ready for Kinder!  How are we even talking about that yet?!

And....this is how I felt about the last day of school!  I don't know where I will be yet this year, but I am so thankful for the two long term sub jobs I had this semester!  I was very well taken care of by all the other teachers and staff and loved both of the schools all together!  I know God has something already in mind for me and I can't wait to see what it is!  

We have a fun list of summer activities we want to do!  R and I came up with the list together...before I know it summers will consist of dropping him and his friends off at the country club to golf and swim all day, so I want to soak these summers up with him now! 
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