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Friday, June 27, 2014

Jamba Jamba!

Thanks to Influenster I was introduced to a new product that I didn't know was around!  I had heard people in bigger cities talk about Jamba Juice and how good their smoothies were!  But we don't have those here, so I had never gotten the chance to try them--UNTIL they came out in stores, to be created in your own home!
I was happy to see that my Target carried them...and at the time they had Strawberries Wild, and Orange Dream Machine.  I'm usually a strawberry/banana type person, but wanted to try out the other one as well! 

I just added the contents of the bag to 8 oz. of light apple juice...
I used a food processor because I don't have a blender...but filled her up and turned her on!
I loved that it had frozen yogurt chunks in it that made it even smoother.  The flavor was delicious and it required little to no effort from me!  CHEERS for all!  

All opinions are my own, products received to be reviewed courtesy of Influenster.

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