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Sunday, June 8, 2014

interesting day

Preface: I live in an old farm house.  My entire neighborhood was once the "farm" and was later turned into a development...obviously.  I have some big, old, beautiful trees that provide my front and back yard with a lot of shade!  More shade than most people have...and it's great for R to play outside and not be in the blazing sun.  I've always had a fear of a tree or limb falling on my house.  But all of the tree close were alive, well and healthy!  We've had to cut two down with in the past two years that had died from lack of water in the past summers.

Friday R and I were getting ready to lay down for a nap, and it started to storm and I could hear the wind blowing outside and the tree wrestling back and forth.  I opened up the front door to watch it from the porch.  Well, the porch was soaking wet because the rain was raining so sideways, so I stood in the doorway and watched for a little bit and even recorded a video to send a friend.

R and I both went into the bathroom before going to lay down, and I happened to look out the bathroom window and see this.  I tried to stay calm for R's sake even though I was freaking out on the inside.  We drove over to my moms incase anything else was going to fall.

We are so SO lucky and I have no doubt He was looking over us, and my neighbors house--because they were all home as well!
Like I said this tree was perfectly healthy and was probably one of the prettiest trees I had and I so regret not having any good picture of it.  Man oh we take things for granted until they are taken from us!  The ground was just SO wet from all the rain we've gotten and had nothing to hold on to with the straight winds blowing through.

After we got over the initial shock we came to examine it even more....and someone though they had a new jungle gym! ;P

The branch R is on is from the big tree that fell...you see the tree underneath it?  That was another decent tree that provided shade that just caught caught in the wrong spot at the wrong time! :/

This is up underneath the tree (my how GOOD it smells under there!) in my neighbors yard....you can see the GOUGE that was made in the ground from one of the branches hitting it.
Another pic of the same thing...

The roots were dripping with water right after it happened...and the the hole started filling up with water.
We are thankful everyone and everything is okay, but we will sure will miss all that shade this summer!
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