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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

mid week randoms

A new restaurant opened here in town this week--Tacos 4 Life!  It was created by two OBU graduates that live here in town.  They already have one restaurant in town called Pitza 4 2 (pronounced four-two, not forty two).  The concept started with them wanted to address the world wide problem of starving children.  At both restaurants, every meal you buy...you are also buying a meal for a hungry child.  I like to tell people it's the same idea as Tom's.  Meal 4 meal.  I was so excited when they announced their SECOND restaurant in town!  It finally opened on Monday and I went for lunch there yesterday, and may or may not be going back for lunch today! :P Eat Good, Do Good.
The restaurant was funded by Founders--people and businesses from around the community and beyond!  How neat is that!  The atmosphere of this place is like no other, and I'm gonna try to take some more pictures today--it was so crowded yesterday I couldn't get very many without people in the way!  {Good problem to have on day two of business!}

I tried two different tacos yesterday (fish and grilled chicken) and am thinking about going with a quesadilla or burrito today! ;)

Yesterday was this sweet girl's birthday!  We are headed to Nash this weekend to celebrate her Bachelorette and then she is saying I DO next weekend!!  It's an exciting two weeks for her!  Her mom send me this picture a few nights ago.  Her parents are also in the middle of a move to another state...so her mom was reminiscing a bit as all these big changes are about to take place!  This girl is hilarious and can make any boring experience exciting!  We were just talking last night about how it was a HS summer again when we would meet up after work each night, get Fix N' Mixes from Wendy's (they don't make them any more :( ) or Frapps from Starbucks and cruise up and down our two main drags...we were wild ones I tell ya! ;)
I found these at Dollar Tree a few years ago...and they have been the hit of the pool since then.  Kids beg R to play with them every time we go...I've learned just to buy a lot so that all the kids will be happy (including R!)  We needed to restock because some of them broke last year...but if your a Mama of kids these are a must at the pool this summer!  (AND DID I SAY THEY ARE ONE DOLLAR!  SERIOUSLY!)
 Making progress on the tree...but it's still a MESS!

These would make great stumps around a fire pit! 

It didn't rain yesterday for what feels like a good 2.5 weeks...so of course we made our way to the bike trail!! 

...and I love these guys any time of year!  They basically make any meal--BETTER! ;)  If you haven't ever tried them on your BLT, try it next time! ;)

Happy Wednesday friends!
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