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Sunday, June 1, 2014

product love {may}

Lots of beauty products this month!  This aren't actually all "new" to me but I've had to restock my supply of a few of them this month and was reminded why I love these products so much!  

Physician's Formula RX Concealer in green--I've been using this for a little over a year and just ran out of my first tube.  You might be thinking GREEN--whaat?!  I decided to give this stuff a try because I have such an olive-colored skin tone and regular colored concealers don't always do the trick for my skin, especially with red blemishes.  The first time I tried it, it was a traumatic experience because I used WAY too much and I looked like Shrek!  But I gave it another try and didn't use as much and it definitely gets the job done!  I use my foundation right on top of it and it covers up the green 100% 
AND you don't see any redness popping through!  HERE is a better explanation of why green is better for some people.  

L'Oreal's Double Extend Mascara--I've been using this since Mama Laughlin posted about it years and years ago!  The white creates "tubes" on top and around your lashes to make them thicker and longer...and then the black is regular mascara to cover up the white tubes.  When taking this mascara off it will seem different at first until you get used to it.  I get my face wet in the shower and slowly drag my finger tip down across my lashes...those "tubes" will literally slide right off and you can feel and see them.  Again...not bad, just different than regular mascara!  I love this stuff though--I used to change mascaras every time I needed a new tube in hopes of finding a "better" one, but that hasn't been the case since the first time I tried this stuff!  

Fergie for Wet n wild Shimmer Eye Primer--I got a sample tube of Urban Decay's eye primer with my NAKED palette and really liked the way it held my eye shadow on all day, but was looking for something with a more reasonable price.  I ran across Fergie's at Walgreens and was excited to try it.  It did the EXACT same job (if not better) as Urban Decay's at a 1/6th of the price!  I was prepared for it to not be as good, BUT IT WAS!!  They have since come out with the "Shimmer" version which I've really liked as well.  Sometimes I even just wear the primer as a shadow if I'm just out running errands for a few hours.  I've heard the shimmer is Limited Edition though but I'm not sure...You can only find Fergie stuff at Walgreens though--trust me, I've looked!  HERE is a good review of the product if you want more details and results! 

Secret's Brazil Deodorant--Well, I never though I would want to rave so much about a simple drugstore deodorant, but this stuff has changed my mind!!!--The smell y'all!!!  It won me over in the middle of the Target aisle and I couldn't get home with it fast enough to put it on!  Even if you are perfectly happy with your current deodorant, please just stop and smell this stuff next time you're at the store!  They also have a Paris and Hawaii scent that were pretty good too...but this stuff!!  {HEARTS IN EYES}  Even Ryder smelled it and said, "WOOOW Mom!  That smells SO good!" I wish I could get this in a Scentsy wax for my entire house!  Now...that's love! :P

Happy beginning of JUNE {how is that even possible?!} my friends!  We are almost half way through 2014 and headed on to bigger and better things!

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