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Friday, June 13, 2014

bass pro class

Yesterday it was time for R's first class at Bass Pro!  I had mentioned these in our Summer Bucket List post--but not said anything else about them.  KeeKee saw them in the paper one day and they are FREE summer classes for kids that are around 20 minutes each.  I want to say there are 5-6 different classes and for every class you attend, you get a new pin to go on your lanyard (just like the Disney World pins and lanyards, if you've been there!).

R was excited and couldn't wait for us to get out the door yesterday morning!

First up was archery!  The kids were all so sweet to each other.  One boy even offered to share his seat with R and that seriously made R's day!  He later told me that, that boy "filled his bucket!" 

At the end of the class they got to go back to the back of the building and shot a real bow!! Somebody was pretty PUMPED about this!!  Santa is already working hard on something for somebody list year! ;) 

We stayed around for one more class--Shooting and Hunting I think and then we were outta there!! 

A sweet man took one of all of us together (not to mention the 26 other ones he took on accident)! :P

Next stop was Krispey Kreme!  We were hoping the red light would be on and R would get to see them making them, but it wasn't!  So we settled for donuts instead! :P  
I got chocolate milk and R got water.  I caught that little stinker taking my milk and drinking it!!!  I told him he should have gotten some if that's what he wanted!!  He said, "I didn't know they had it here!"  And yes...I took it back and drank it ALL! :P
Mad at me for taking back MY milk!!!  (See his pins!?)
...and just for kicks!  I couldn't pass up this deal at Bass Pro!  Best $3.99 I spent all summer! :P

That officially marks two things off of our Summer Bucket List!

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  1. What a cool workshop. We don't have a Bass Pro close but I'd so be all over that if we did!!!


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