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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

#katiaday2014 {week 20}

{may 14}
 Someone brought their entire drum set into the living room so I could hear him play! :P

{may 15}
Flash back!  The night before Uncle G left for the beach for the summer, two years ago!  He took R fishing at the country club and he caught a big one! :P 

{may 16}
 Just a normal trip to Targ!

{may 17}
 He had a blast out on the farm with all of Naynee's friends for the pig roast!

{may 18}
 Always a happy guy when he gets to stay at Mimi's!

{may 19}
 Poor little guy with pink eye...I talked him into a cupcake for letting me put his drops in! ;)

{may 20}
Proud of his mule deer from the desert in AZ!

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