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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wintery Weather...

Ever since Christmas I've tried to get Punkin' out to go ride in his wagon.  He LOVES it & can even climb in it himself!  KeeKee & Pops were outside the other day on our way down the street for a walk, so we stopped to see them!  Punkin' just LOVES being outside, & LOVES being with them as well!

I am so glad he actually lets me put this hat on his head, or he'd be one cold little boy!  They are saying we are going to get some snow tomorrow night, so maybe we'll get to have some fun outside in it come Monday morning.  Maybe KeeKee & Uncle G will get out of school too...& we can cook up some yummy chile & have some hot chocolate!  =)

We've had a pretty lazy Saturday, even though I feel like I've gotten a lot done around the house!  It seems like house work is never ending!  I put some chile in the crock pot this morning, & I can't wait to serve it up in a little bit!  I haven't made any yet this winter, which is REALLY surprising!

Punkin' has pretty much consolidated his 2 naps into one now...but a LONG one.  He'll sleep from about 11:30-2 or 3 every day!  WOW!  Which means...he always misses lunch & doesn't even eat till he gets up!

He's been a joy this week, & hasn't been too whiney, which is SO nice!  He has gotten 3-4 molars in & they are just SO cute!  He's finally eating meat again...I just had to learn he doesn't want me to tear pieces up for him any more...he can just eat them whole, because he's a BIG BOY now remember?!

Also...someone went "poo poo shooy" in the big boy potty TWO days this week!  I can tell when he is about to go, & RUUUUUUN him to the bathroom & set him on the toilet!  Poor guy is scared of that bigg'ole hole!  I bought him a lil potty at WM & some Valentine M&Ms as a reward!  We may not start this process for a while, but at least I have all the goodies if we need to!

He also slept last night & today's nap WITHOUT a paci!  Yes...I said that!  I had cut the ends of them off a few days ago so he wouldn't want them...& it worked!  He would look at them & just not even be interested!  So..we'll see how this goes as well!

A lot of big chances are going on...AND I start school in a few days!  PHEWW...gonna be interesting!  :P

Hope ya'll all have a great & enjoyable weekend!  

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