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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my lil PB&J kinda man...& 16 months

Well, 16 days ago my lil man turned 16 months old.  Is that even possible?  Man am I behind!  & get this...we JUST went to his 15 month appointment last week!  No one told me he needed one until I saw lil T who was born the SAME DAY as Ryder had his & I was like oh em gee!  So...I'm behind.  Life happens I guess.
He devoured a PB&J sandwich today!  But he ate the WHOLE thing!  I was so proud of him, he doesn't always eat so great!  He made just bout the biggest mess ever, but I didn't care!  :P
& this is the face you will get if you ask him to "show me your teeth..." & yes, he still only has 2 little teeth down there on the bottom!  ha!  one is coming in beside them though!

16 month stats:

Weight:  23 lbs. & 10 oz. (50th %tile)
Length:  32.5 in. (80th %tile)

-Mainly 18 month clothing, some 12 months
-Size 4 diapers
-Has FINALLY said "Mama" {insert happy dance}
-LOOOOOVES fruit!  Will eat blueberries, bananas, apples, grapes all day if I would let him!
-I don't have to put him in time out very often, he's actually be behaving, besides not getting his way here & there.
-He can say shoe, sock, duck, lips, woops, uh oh, mama, Kati, dah dah, Pops (pop pop pops), KeeKee (Tee Tee), drink, up, juice, G, hair (haaaah), hat (one of his favorite)....all I can think of for now!  :P
-Speaking of G (Uncle G, my brother)...he taught him "boom boom" for when he has to "use the bathroom" with some motions that go along with it..& believe it or not my kid can do it!  & at the appropriate time!  Oh my goodness gracious!  No freakin' tellin' what Uncle G is gonna teach my kid!  :P  Sadly, he does it AFTER he has gone...not before.  :/
-We are working on pictures books at night & he's doing really well!
-He wants to do anything anyone else is doing!  & wants to be right in the middle of things!
-Loves to color with his big crayons Mimi & PawPaw got him for Christmas!
-He is obsessed with putting everyone else's shoes on!  & he'll just wear them around the house while he's playing!
-Will show you his teeth when you ask...
-Will open his mouth when you ask...(to see that there's nothing inside so he can have another cookie)  He finally learned how it works!  :P
-Loves to drink out of a straw!  ALL.THE.TIME!
-He has learned how to work his sit N' spin!
-Also said the word "Pooh" yesterday, which is his lil blankie!
-He bit me once, but he was totally playing...but it hurt!  Luckily it hasn't happened again!
-The kid won't watch TV for anything...except maybe when a commercial has music on it, like the iPad commercial.
-You can definitely say he is curious about his "body parts" when we take a bath & change his diaper!
-He can point to multiple body parts including feet, nose, eyes, ears, lips, mouth, teeth & hair.
-He understands simple commands like "go find your pooh" "bring that to mommy" "where's your sippy" "let's go change your diaper" "time to go bye bye" "go put that back" "go get a book" "lets put on your coat" "you want to eat breakfast" etc.
-He uses a fork for some things, but still uses his hands for most cause it's just easier!  Haven't mastered the spoon...I don't really want him to try!  :P
-We're brushing his teeth twice a day & he LOOOOVES it!  He'll even go & get his tooth brush when it's NOT time to brush his teeth!
-We are done with PACIs!  YAAAAYYYY!!  It didn't take him long at all!  I just cut the tip off those suckers & he didn't want them any more!  
-He has started to take a longer morning nap & still an afternoon nap.  It just depends on what we've got going on that day as to how many & how long.

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