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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Utensil Fun!

My little Punkin' is growing by the day, & the things he can do just amaze me!  He doesn't miss ANYTHING!  He will get my keys & go to the door & try to put them in the door, he knows what toys go together to play with, & many other crazy things that make me realize I don't give him enough credit for his smarts!

He is now eating with utensils!  He has finally gotten it down & LOVES it!  
I gave him a chicken & cheese sandwich yesterday & he pulled everything out of the bread & ate it all individually!  This is TOTALLY something I would have done as a kid...so now that's just how it give it to him!  He hasn't eaten much meat lately, so I am glad he is eating it again!  I just needed to learn to not to tear it up for him any more, because he's a big boy now....DUH MOM!
We LOOOOVE our blueberries & bananas!  
Funny Story:  I was getting a tenderloin I had been cooking out of the oven & as I open the oven door, I always say "HOT" so he knows not to come near.  I had pulled the loin out & stuck it back in for a few more minutes.  The next thing I knew he had gotten one of the mitts I had used off the counter, put it on & was headed to the oven door, while saying "HOT"....JUST LIKE HIS MAMA!  I thought to myself, goodness gracious I sure am gonna have to watch what he sees me do!  He think he is so much more grown up than he really is! :P


  1. Hahaha! He is sooo precious!
    I have got to get Tucker in the "utensil mode" asap!

  2. I just came across your blog and I had to comment because my name is Kati, too, and I also don't spell it with an "e." It made me really excited! I've only seen a couple people who spell it this way!

    And, I love the funny story about your son. Kids are so cute! I love how much they observe without you even knowing.

  3. He is a doll, Kati! Too cute.


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