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Saturday, January 15, 2011

SUPER easy Valentine's Day Wreath

Here's a little Hobby Lobby project you can throw together in no time, & for no more than 20 dollars!  I love making my own stuff, especially for holidays!
EVERYTHING'S from Hobby Lobby!--2 boas {6.99 each}, 1 grapevine wreath {4.99} "Valentine" sign {5.99} & heart sprays {.99} You can even wait till all of it goes 1/2 off...for an even better deal!
I wondered how I was going to connect my baos to my wreath & just wanted to use something I had at home, so I got my box of paper clips & wire cutters & just cut them in half...floral wire would work great, or even the twisty ties from loafs of bread!

I bent my paper clips to make a "V" shape & then slipped them under where I wanted to start to put my boa...
 Place the beginning of the boa in between the "V" shaped paper clip & just twist the clip around the boa until it is secure...

I decided to kinda go around the outside of the wreath at first...just repeating the same "V" shape & twisting method from above.
This is what it looked like after using one whole boa...you can tell on the bottom left, the boa began to duplicate, which is good!--it looks better & more full, but it still needs a lil more work!
You obviously need the second boa...continue going around the wreath with the second boa.  I even cut it up in pieces to fill in some spots that looked empty!  I didn't use the whole boa...so just use it all until it looks good & full!
Next, decide what you want to be the top of your wreath.  Then lay out your sign to see how you want it to rest up against the wreath.  
I simply attached the sign with yet again...another "V" shaped paper clip!
Throw your sprays in there where ever you think will look good!  I just shoved them into the wreath!  :P
{Here's what it looks like on my front door at night...}
{...& during the day!}

I love it, & was so happy with how it turned out!  It's a lot of red...but I like it!  =)  It makes a HUGE statement from the road & I love the sassy feathers!  

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