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Friday, January 14, 2011

Aunt Dean's

I TOTALLY forgot to blog about our trip to Aunt Dean's the day after Christmas!  I hate that I didn't get any picture OF any of us with Aunt Dean!  :(  I just wasn't thinking, & was too busy chasing a lil crazy munchkin around!  Aunt Dean is close to 90 years old & still lives on her own without any help.  Her husband, Uncle Joe died a few summers ago of cancer.  He was a WWII vet & had many interesting stories to he shared.  They weren't able to have kids of their own, so my dad & aunt were the closest things to kids they had!  It's sad, because they would have been some of the best parents...it makes me even more thankful for my little blessing.

The "kids" had to experience what it was like (or what it IS like) to have to wash every dish BY hand by only filling each side of the sinks up once because there's not enough water to just let it run while you need to rinse the soap off the dishes!  Man..has the world come a long way!  It made us WAAY grateful for our dishwashers, & hard to imagine having to have to do that after EVERY meal.  We were MORE than happy to do it though!  

{he was "putting on" my chap stick!}
We used to take pictures of the two of us ALL the time...every time we were together...& that RARELY happens any more since Punkin' arrived!  So we bared it in the cold & snapped a few of us!

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