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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back it up, back it up...YOU GOT IT!

So...remember Picnik?  I never really got into it, but messed around with it once my freshmen year!  I ran into the pictures tonight & just HAD to post them!  Each one brings back SO many memories, & even at times I'm laughing at what I'm wearing & thinking, "what was I thinking?!"  
{This was our Francie's Favs intramural team...after a volleyball game one night & YES, we fit ALL those people in Pooh's car!  I'm sure we had just finished driving around campus being loud & being followed by campus safety!}
{one crazy weekend we decided to go camping...it turned out to be ALOT of fun!--if you know ME,  you know this is funny!}
{@ the Battle of the Ravine freshman year!}
{this was taken Thanksgiving break in Georgia!  I LOVE HER!}
{Beta date night!  Bowling!  WOOT!}
{YES, I put a picture of myself in a bikini on my blog...shoot me now.  Spring Break OH EIGHT...so freakin' much FUN!  We went to Destin with our pledge class!  Sorry for the RAUNCH hair!  :P}
{EEE spring outing in Memphis!  I miss my black girl phone (gold rzr) & that shirt...too bad I threw it away when I was fat.  :(  }

{this statement could not have been ANY more true!}
{here's another from our camping trip..my UGGS were so new & CLEAN & that belt with those jeans...uhhh okay!?  lol...}

Hope you got a good laugh & a lil blast from the past!

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