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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kitchen Table Re-do...

I had an older kitchen table that was my Papa John's while my dad was growing up.  It worked for what we needed it for, but was just a little too small for my eating area.  A lady at my dad's work was selling this one for a super good deal.  Yeah, it's much older, but who said I couldn't make it a lil more contemporary?!  & who doesn't love a good project?!  I did this months & months ago, just forgot to blog about it!
It's a rather odd table...these are the two "legs" that go on each end that prop the table up.  I knew I wanted to paint them black, as well as the apron of the table & all the chairs.
I was going to spray paint everything except for the apron, because it was just going to be too difficult.  So I bought the can edition of the spray paint I was using.  It took a GAZILLION coats of black paint, & STILL didn't do as good a job as I was hoping, so I eventually had to spray paint it outside....VERY carefully!

Here it is after a few coats of paint...
The chairs before...
& the chairs after!  I LOOOOOVE them!  =)
Comparison of the two...
& this is the only picture I have of it completed, & it's from my phone...but it'll do!  I was very pleased with my very first spray paint furniture re-do...& all by myself no less!  I only have 4 of the 6 chairs black, but I kinda like the two wood odd balls!  :P

My kitchen is going to eventually be painted grey, with black, white & apple green accents.  One day...when we find the time to paint!  :P

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