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Friday, January 21, 2011

Holy Guacamole!

This has become a easy, yummy "throw together" favorite of mine that doesn't take too many ingredients to make or much effort!  I made up this recipe...sorda..I copied Cantina Laredo's just from watching them (minus the cilantro)!

3 avocados (less or more...doesn't matter)

small white onion

2 tomatoes (I LOVE them, but 1 would work!)

onion powder

garlic salt
Make sure your avocados are nice & ripe...mine were a little over-ripe but that's okay!  They were just a lil bruised on the inside.  Slice them down the middle to half them...
It should look a little something like this...get the pit out by jabbing it with a knife or squeezing it out into the trash can.
I love my handy dandy avocado "scrapper-outter" I just scoop all the insides out with it & put the contents in a bowl...If you don't have a avocado tool, a spoon works great.  If your avocado is on the hard side, you can cut length wise & horizontal with a knife to get the goods out easier.  
While the avocados are the only thing in the bowl, use a fork to mash the chunks up as best as you can...
I throw in a SMALL squirt of lime juice to help it from not browning in the fridge!  If you have a lime, you can squeeze half of that in there for some good stuff!
Next, I dice up my tomatoes as small as I can...
...mix them in the bowl with the mashed up avocados.
I have learned to grade my onion...it makes a super fine juice like mixture.  This was a small onion & I used about half of it.
This next part I totally guess on...just toss a few shakes in there of each & mix it real well.  I taste test it to see if it needs more!

My final pics were too bad to even post!  Now...go to the grocery store & get yourself some stuff to make some yummy guacamole!

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  1. This is exactly how I make mine! Except I add a container of feta cheese crumbles to mine...and a jalepeno. If you like feta, you should try it sometime. It really makes it different and yummy!


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