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Monday, January 10, 2011

Donut Time!

A couple of days ago, Amy brought home a box of a dozen Krispy Kremes.  She let Ryder have a bite or two that day, but I didn't want him to have any more.  She would have to eat them in her room with the door shut so he wouldn't see them & then throw a fit because he wanted some.  They had been on top of the dishwasher in the box & I GUESS the box was sticking over the edge a little bit one night.

We had just gotten home from some where & I had gone to his room to put some of his clothes away & things got awfully quiet & I stepped out into the hallway to see this...
He had gotten the box down, knowing that they were IN there, & drug the box to the hallway from the kitchen & had opened it & just helped himself!  I was in aw...but figured he could eat it after all that work!
He knew he wasn't supposed to be eating it, but he would take a bite, then but it back, two seconds later pick it up again, take a bite & put it back!  It was too precious!  He LOVED it & was just chowing down!  

I figured I'd try to be a cool mom & just let him finish it! :P  Amy was at work, & I sent her a picture of him indulging in her donut!  :P

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