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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Eve @ Nana & Papaw's!

Christmas Eve we headed up to Nana & Papaw's around noon.  Everybody brings one sweet appetizer & one salty one!  We just munch & munch on everything all afternoon until our bellies are full!  It's always so much fun seeing everybody & playing with all the kiddos!
Ryder has a good time wrestling with some of his cousins...he LOVES being around them!  He'd much rather be hanging out with them than mommy!  :P
We've decorated homemade sugar cookies for as long as I can remember, & this year was no different!  Ryder even made a few, but I think he ate more frosting than he did decorating!  

Before openings presents, we always read the Christmas story!  This is such a special time, & we actually discovered we've been reading the same book since 1992!
This was the only present he was interested in opening!  After that...he was done!  Maybe next year he'll want to help me open all his presents!  We both got some wonderful things, & are truly blessed!  
This wasn't one of Ryder's presents, but he sure did love it!  Pops is one proud Pops!

This is what Punkin' spent most of the night doing...running around in the trash!  HA!  It's so crazy & chaotic with 12 kids & 8 adults all opening presents at once, it's a lot for a little man to soak in!  :P

{& since their all bad...your getting all 3!}

After we got home from Nana & Papaw's Tonya, Luke & Aunt Kathy were all here waiting on us!  I was ready to put little man down so Santa could come, but of course he wanted to stay up & play!  We set out milk & cookies for Santa & I finally got him to lay down & go to sleep!  Finally Santa & his little elves came to do their work!

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