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Monday, January 10, 2011

Relaxing, but FUN snow day!

I started snowing here yesterday around 4 or 5 o'clock & immediately started to stick!  I knew we would go to bed & wake up to a beautiful white front yard, & I was right!  This is Punkin's first peek at snow this morning!  I'm not sure he even knew WHAT to think!  :P  He just looked & looked &...LOOKED!  

How precious is THAT?
We got up & ate some breakfast & mommy drank some coffee & played around the house for a little bit!  We finally decided it was time for us to get bundled up & head outside...& over to KeeKee's for a visit!

He was NOT a fan of the snow, so luckily I just pulled him over in his handy-dandy wagon!  {No I didn't have gloves on my kid...YET...he wouldn't let me put them on!}
This is RIGHT after I had plopped him down in the snow to stand on his own, instead of on the snowless sidewalk & he FREAKED.  He's just like his mama...we'll get out there, but we don't LOVE it!   

Shortly there after...he had had enough & wanted to go inside!

Uncle G & JT were inside getting ready to go 4 wheelin' & up to the the hill to sled...they sure do love my sweet little Punkin' & he LOOOOVES them just as much, or more!
Then Punkin' found somebody's Muck boots to put on & walk around in...

Then we decided to head out one more time to call it a day...
Still not loving the snow...{yes, I changed jackets & pants...found all my ski clothes at my rents!  SCORE!}

I wanted to take him for a ride on the 4 wheeler, but he's still TERRIFIED of it, & I just can't do that to my baby..but one day we will!  It wasn't long ago, I was being pulled on that same 4 wheeler with a rope & sled on the back!  Ha!
...& just for kicks...us last year around this time, Punkin's very 1st "snow day" EVER!  =)Photobucket

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  1. Looks like ya'll had a great snow day! Love the pictures! I'm sure he'll eventually love the snow and four wheelers. In a few years He may be begging to go hang out with Garrett!


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