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Friday, January 25, 2013

Ryder Quotes!

Ryder is at such a funny stage in his little life...I have to do better at recording things down that this crazy kid says!  He is so observant and seriously never misses anything!  He could literally tell you how to get from one place to another around town, just from remembering!  He truly amazes me every day with his knowledge!

Here are just a few things I've written down over the passed few weeks...from the words of my little man!--Literally!  ;)

  • While we were at his Dr.'s appointment, the Dr. walked in and she had about shoulder length hair that happened to be curly that day...and it looked natural and cute to me.  Ryder looked up at her and said, "Your hair looks CRAY-ZEEEE!"  OMG...and...to top it off, she was pregnant, so I'm sure that just destroyed her.  I felt SO bad!  I just tried to explain to him that it was curly and that's how it's supposed to look!  What do you do?  Oh geez!
  • I asked him a question the other day in the car, and he said very matter-afactly, "Let me put my thinking cap on"...while tapping his chin with his pointer finger.
  • He is into saying "NEVER!" when I ask him something he doesn't want to do...kind of disrespectful, but I don't know where he got it.  I always think of JB's #neversaynever song!  {of course I would...}
  • On my lap top, I just have the generic galaxy background, I guess you could call it.  He looked at it the other day and said, "Mom...is that the whole wide world?"  I was amazed and shocked that he even sorta know what that was!  I explained to him that it was even MORE than the whole wide world!  He loved it!  
  • Sometimes when he eats a lot, he has a little belly on him and it's pretty funny!  I pointed it out there other night while he was getting in the bath and he said, "Yeah...I'm getting a baby in my belly!"  I guess he has seen too many pregnant ladies at the grocery store lately...ha!
  • He hates when my legs aren't freshly shaved because they are "prickly" and he told me the other night that his legs were getting to be like mine because they felt "prickly".  Sure enough...he's growing some hair on those legs!  
  • While checking out at TJ Maxx, R starts to make his regular conversation with the checker-outter.  Today happened to be an older AA woman.  Her hair was very, very short, actually hardly any hair at all, but it was fixed.  She had on a regular shirt and a black blazer-like thing.  Ryder looks at her and says, "Are you a boy or a girl?"  I died.  She handled it very well and told me it was okay and that he is just honest {ya think??}.  What am I gonna do with him?
  • If you're not from around here...a little preface.  At our local WM, there is a handicapped man named Brad who is the greeter.  He was in a vehicle crash in HS and has been paralyzed ever since.  It is hard to understand him when he talks, but he is the sweetest man!  I've always asked him, "How are you doing Brad?" and he has ALWAYS responded with "Very blessed" while grabbing the cross necklace he wears around his neck.  
  • WOW.  Think about that.  A man in a wheel chair, that can't do most thing by himself is telling me that he is blessed!--and I am in a grumpy mood from being at school all day, it's raining outside, and I'm at WM having to spend money on dang groceries!  That will put things into perspective for you real quick!  
  • Anyways...Ryder has started talking to Brad the last few times we go to WM, so this week when we were getting out of the car, R said, "Can I go see that guy when we get inside?"  I told him absolutely if Brad was working.  This WARMED my heart!  Brad isn't like the rest of us, and Ryder sees and recognizes that, but he still wants to go and visit with him before starting our grocery shopping.  We get in the store and I see that Brad's working...Ryder literally RUUUUUNS over to him and gives him a HUGE hug while Brad sits in his wheel chair and hugs him back.  Ryder says, "How was your day?" (That's what we always say at the dinner table so he asks everyone that) Brad responds to Ryder with, "Very blessed" while grabbing the cross necklace around his neck and showing it to him.  Ryder points to it and says, "That's the cross where my Jesus died" and Brad shook his head up and down.  I was crying by this point...and told R to tell him bye and that we would see him next time.  What a blessing!  Not only to me, but to all the customers of the WM on this side of town!  Brad is a true inspiration to me and hopefully to my son as he grows up visiting Brad at WM!

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