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Saturday, January 26, 2013

JB Concert!--feeling young again!

When I found out JB was coming here in June--I didn't even have to ask my dad if I could go!  He just said, "Go ahead and get yourself some tickets..." SCORE!!  I was so pumped!  Mackenzie had always said that we were going to go to a JB concert together, and her birthday was just a week or two before the concert in January, so her mom got her a ticket too so that I could take her!  I had to keep the secret for 7 months, but it was well worth it!  ;)

 It was raining while we stood outside and waited for the doors to open...& traffic was so bad, we didn't get to go eat like we had planned, but it all worked out!

 I was so glad to have two of my pledge sisters go with us!  We felt young again!  ;)

The concert was SPECTACULAR the entire time!  I never sat down, and I wish it would have been longer!  His entrance was LEGIT & those glasses!  Oh my...you should have heard the screams when he started to take them off!  Ha! 
"One Love"
One of my favorite pics from the night!
 I could just watch the kid dance all night...oh my!

 Another one of my favorite pics...
 And just for fun...I'll leave you with these!  ;)  Who cares if he's 18...he's a good lookin' kid!  ;) :P  & please don't hate on him for sagging...no one cares!  :P


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