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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Church

I always look forward to Christmas Church service...it's literally what the whole "Christmas" thing is all about, but I think too often we forget that.  Without Jesus, there would be no Christmas, and without christmas there would be no Easter.  Think about it!  ;)  I'm thankful we get to celebrate that sweet baby's birth every year, but I pray that I never lose sight of the true meaning.

I wanted to take pics of R outside before we left...and he insisted I take one of him with the bow and arrow!  Ha!

Horrible cheesy grin...but will you PLEASE STOP GROWING UP!!  :(

Tried to snap a few selfies of us...because the pictures of the two of us are limited.  :/

And look who we ran into on our way to church!

We went to Taziki's for lunch afterwards...and we happy to have Uncle G join us!  Sad I didn't get any pics with Poppy!


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