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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project 365...Week 4 {Round 2}

{January 20}
I got to go to a Bridal Show with Morgan, her mom & Dana (her soon to be MIL)..it was ALOT of fun!  We got to try all sorts of yummy cake!  ;)

{January 21}
Found this in my closet...circa 2002/2003?  It even has my name on the back!  ;) #oldschool

{January 22}
Somebody found some cookies at KeeKee's house!

{January 23}
R got this for Christmas, and we finally put it together!  He loves puzzles!

{January 24}
 I got these UV beads in class one day, and I told R to take them outside before school to see what they did!  They turn different colors!  He loved it!

{January 25}
 Friday drinks from Sonic!  WAHOO!  It's the weekend! 

{January 26}
Look how beautiful this is!  It only looked like that for a few minutes too!  I am so glad I captured it! 


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