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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Half Way Haul Brain Dump

  • Tomorrow I'll start my last full semester of class (besides student teaching in the fall) in college!  I am so ready for this next step and to put all these classes behind me!  When I went back to school after having Ryder in January of 2010, the list of classes that I had to take to graduate seemed like so many!!  Yet, here I am only lacking 18 hours of class!  I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and when people ask "When do you graduate?!"  I can finally say, "In less than a year!"  WAHOO!!  
  • R went back to school on Monday and is seriously loving it...I know he missed it and he was so bored with me at home!  ;)
  • This week was also his "Star Week" where he gets to be the "leader", call on call on kids to go wash their hands, go outside, etc. etc.  He has been waiting to be Star Kid since he started in August and his week is FINALLY here, and it's ALL I've heard about! ;)  They also take in some pictures of themselves to hang up for the week, which he really got into.  We went through the blog and I let him pick out which pictures he wanted to print to take in.  I also got to go in today and read a book to him and his friends and give them rice-crispy treats for a snack!  I think he liked having me there, and I enjoyed it just as much!
  • I am also about to start subbing here in town!  I can seriously NOT wait!  I only have class 2 days a week, so I'll be doing this the other 3...hopefully, as much as I can!  
  • Oh yeah...have you gone to look at my Valentine's Wreath tutorial over at Charmed Bliss?!
  • I never thought I would actually be ready to go back to school...but I am in much need of a routine in my life!  I find myself taking random naps during the day--when I'm not tired, just because I can...BLAH!  I would rather be busy than and stuck at home!  {I know I may regret saying this in 2 weeks!  ;)}
  • I am taking all education classes this semester except for one...World Literature.  {ENTER-cry fest here}  This will be my second time to take this...well, let's just say...it's not my thing!  ;P  It's my only gen. ed. left...ahhh!  I can do this!!
  • So...I watched The Bachelor on Monday night...I just LOVE Sean!  I wish he lived closer honestly!  HUGE fan of his, but those girls--I just wasn't all the impressed!  Yes, I'll still watch, but I honestly kinda hope his wife isn't in that room...not for my own sake, but I just wasn't impressed by any of them.  We will see though!  =)  What did y'all think?
  • PS.  Have you heard about #shereadstruth?  I know I've mentioned it before, but it just keeps getting better!  Hop on over to the You Version website and search for "she reads truth" and get started on the Fresh Start daily devotional today!  You won't regret it, I promise!  and all of their other plans are just as fantastic!  What a difference it makes in my days reading His truth.  


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