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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project 365...Week 1 {Round 2}

I am so glad I did Project 365 last year...it's about the only thing I blogged regularly about.  I'm still not done uploading and posting from the end of the year, but I plan on getting caught up soon!  Here's to another year!  I upgraded to the Project365 Pro app so that I can hopefully make a book out of all the pictures at the end of the year!

{January 1}
 He wanted to lay in my "bird nest" (circle of my legs) while we watched Brave!  ;)

{January 2}
 Lil boy loves his iPad!

{January 3}
I feel like we've been cooped up inside forever...we finally got out a bit to play outside at KeeKee's!  R loved it!

 {January 4}
 We had a chick date one day before he went back to school...he wanted to trade in his toy for an ice cream cone & insisted I "stand back there" & that he could do it all on his own.  {enter tears here}  Is he really going to be FOUR this year?

{January 5}
I was over at some friends house...and got a sudden urge for coffee!  Luckily they had everything to fill my urge!  I was a HAPPY girl...even though it was like 11 o'clock at night! ;)


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