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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

KeeKee & Poppy's New Addition

A year ago September, we lost my parent's Corgi, Trixi to kidney failure.  She had been such a great dog to us and were sad to see her go.  Mom got a new dog not a week later, a Golden Doodle named Brett.  He was a sweet dog, but never could get the hang of potty training, so mom gave him to a sweet couple that I knew from OBU!  He seems to be a happy little pup &amp with Ryan and Emilie; is actually gonna be a big brother to a sweet little sister in the next couple of months!  =) 

Mom has been saying she was going to get another Corgi when she got out of school in May...but she got word of a little pup for sale that someone got as a Christmas present, that they just didn't want.  

Mom and Ryder went to look at her on Wednesday.  My mom told R, "We aren't taking her home, but if we like her, then we can come back another day and get her."  Before they even got there, R looked at my mom and said, "KeeKee, we LIIIIKE her!"  So sweet!  But, sure enough, they really did like her and she seemed to like them too!  She even fell asleep in Ryder's arms when they were visiting her!
We all went to get her Friday afternoon after school...R was super excited and couldn't wait to get her home to show her around KeeKee and Poppy's!
Her name is "Sister"! ;)  Isn't she pretty?!  She is so sweet!  Just calm enough...but also knows how to play and have fun!

I think KeeKee finally found a good match for her and Poppy...and R too!  So glad to have Sister around!


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  1. I had a Cavalier for 12 years, Lucy!!! They are such sweet babies!!


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