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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Project 364...Week 8 {Round 2}

{February 17}
Punkin going up Mimi's big hill (driveway)...I guess he got worn out!  :P

{February 18}
 Outside with the chickens...the roster was on his shoulder!  Braver than his Mama!  :P

{February 19}
Practicing his hoops with Poppy...both surprised that he finally made a goal!!  

 {February 20}
 Somebody tweeted about listening to an old SO@R cd and I immediately went out to my storage and dug this ole suckers out of my old "stuff" box!  I'm so glad I knew exactly where they were and that the CDs were actually in there!  They are now all currently burned to my computer, so glad!  =)

{February 21}
 We love when Poppy stops by on his way home from work!  

{February 22}
  I took crazy child to Patti Cake's after school for a treat since he was on green all week!  Right after this picture I took one of the cupcakes away (so that I could eat it), while R was already halfway done eating his when he started hysterically crying!  He said, "Why are you taking my other cupcake away? What am I going to eat when I get done with this one?"  Ummm...hello!  One cupcake is enough & your Mama deserves one too!  :P  CRAZY kid thought they were both for him since I took his picture with both of them!  Ha!

{February 23}
I was folding clothes in the LR when R came out of his room looking like this!  I was so impressed that he had done all this by himself!  Complete with slippers AND skates, knee pads & a helmet--with no help from me!  TOO funny!  I just love him!  


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