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Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy Friday Love Cats!

So glad today is Friday! I love my weekdays because I get to follow a routine, but I need that break every once & a while...{uhhh...maybe every five days?!  :P}

I didn't sub today...instead I went to do a whale presentation with one of my professors.  It really is fun & BONUS POINTS!!  WOOT!  ;)  R was ready to see me when I got him from school.  I got him his Friday Sonic sweet tea before getting him and he was excited!  They had a birthday party at school today, and for R's Friday letter this week I got him a Jake & the Never Land Pirate's "handy dandy notebook" {like from Blue's Clues} and wrote him a note inside...he thought that was way cool!  Worth all 100 pennies!  ;) :P
 {All teachers need one of these every once & a while...had to steal it from one of my mom's co-workers when I saw her drinking one of her own! ;)}
 {Minus the bruised part...this little booger was GOOD!}
 {One of our favorite reads!}
 {It was SO cloudy the other day, ALL day...on my way home from getting R, the sun was trying to peak through the clouds!  Great site to see!}
{Most Mama's drink wine at night...I drink coffee!!  ...and paint my nails, put blog posts together, try and put together a bachelorette party and think about doing homework!  ;)}



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