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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Half Way Haul!

Happy Wednesday friends!  It barely feels like Wednesday because of our break on Monday!  What a cold and rainy day it is around here!  I didn't need a jacket when I left this morning, but I did by the time I got home!  I'm just ready for it to be pretty out again!!

Just a few randoms from me today...you know how that goes!  :P

I have been on the look out for a nice looking watch (white, black, silver &/or gold) that looked like it wasn't digital, but it was!  With subbing and school in general, it's just know to have a digital one!  I haven't been able to find one ANYWHERE...so I've just been sticking to my digital IronMan that makes me look semi-athletic.  Ha!  Well, while looking through SHAPE magazine the other day, I finally spotted the watch!!!  It was everything and more I had been wanting!  Well when I saw it was GUCCI and "Grammy Special Edition" I kind of got a little bit sad.  Sure enough.  Only $2,000.  :(  {Insert sad face here.}   

But isn't she beautiful?!  (For a digital watch!)  I'll just keep looking!
Ryder man out at the river!
Another discovery I made while flipping through a magazine...I am not usually an expensive perfume type of girl...but this stuff smells TOO good!!
Some of Freckle Face Farm's little piglets!  They have around 25 piglets right now...I just wanna get my hands on one of those lil munchkins!
The BF took me to Pasta Grill on Saturday night to celebrate Valentine's & OMG this Italian Meatball Spaghetti...words do not describe.  This lasted me 3 meals!  YUMM!  {Had it again tonight for mom's birthday dinner too!  ;)}
My wild man sleeping with his Valentine's "Cupig"!  It sings the "Cupid Shuffle"...pig version of course!  He took it to school on Tuesday and everybody loved it!  Ha!  I just can't get enough of my sweet boy!

Happy day sweet blog readers!  =)

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