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Monday, February 11, 2013

3 year old boy Valentine's Day gift idea

What are you supposed to get a 3 year old little boy for Valentine's Day when he doesn't need anything, and especially not any more toys!  Well, I wasn't quite sure myself, considering he was asking for "an airplane that flies around" and a "basketball goal."  I set out to Target and knew I'd find something, and actually left completely happy, knowing he was going to love it all!  I thought I'd share what I found for you Mama's out there who might feel stuck like I did prior to my shopping trip!  ;)

1.  All kids love Yo Gabba Gabba...and if they don't, they should!  ;)  I was that mom who said my child would never wear cartoon t shirts...funny how you let them do simple things that make them happy!  

2.  Can't really go wrong here!  All kids love this stuff, especially that it glows in the dark!  HELLO!

3.  Not quite a basketball goal...but how fun will this be for little boys before going to bed at night?!

4.  All little boys need to the chance to get outside on a windy day and fly a kite right?

5.  Bath time is never boring around here...but this might incorporate some letter learning and writing!  

6.  Can't go wrong with these either!  They are safe on everything besides paper which causes no worries for Mama!  ;)

I hope I have helped out a few of you Mama's out there think of new and fun things for your kiddos!  It's always such a joy to see how excited they get when you get them something new!

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