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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Southern Girl Swap: {What's in YOUR bag?!}

Good morning readers!  Today is our third Southern Girl Blog Hop!  I'm guest posting today over at Razorback Britt!  Check it out to see a few of my favorite things in my makeup bag! 

Today you're in for a special treat!  Miss Abby from Charmed Bliss is sharing with us all the goodies inside her purse!  She's a talented young lady who I met at OBU!  She is a pageant queen, brutally honest blogger, super talented sports management woman, creative and amazing event planner, and just a sweet, sweet soul all around!  I'm glad to call her my friend!  =)

Hello from Charmed Bliss!  My name is Abby and Kati and I have been friends for about 6 years now and I am so excited she has decided to join us in the Blog Hop!  She is spectacular and an awesome blogger with her adorable son!  
Over at CharmedBliss I write about life.  I am always honest and hold nothing back!  In fact, I find texts from Kati shocked sometimes at what I write.  I definitely use my blog as an online diary.  Sharing only the most appropriate, fun, and inspiring ideas and adventures in life!  
Today's Blog Hop is entitled...
I got my bag from Amazon.com and it has been a great addition to my bag collection.  I change it out when I go on dates or to dinner, but during the day when I need EVERYTHING!  I love this carryall bag.  My favorite part about it - It is not a labeled bag.  There isn't a label on it.  I love that because so many times in today's world - everyone puts labels on everything - and this way I am uniquely me!
This is everything that I keep in my bag!  So let's dive in.

My iPad and my book are must haves especially since I have some down time between appointments at work and classes.  I am currently reading Waiting and Dating by Myles Munroe - it is actually a very encouraging read about waiting for Mr. Right while having fun in the meantime (it is Christian Read).  I keep my camera with my at ALL times - even though our phones have video and photo capability - I like to know I have a backup that is more reliable!  I am currently dieting (aren't we all) so my GUM is essential in my purse.  I usually go through about 5-6 packs a week.  My favorites are Extra Spearmint and Watermelon!  LOVE THEM!!  I always keep a hair tie in my bag, no telling when you will need it and I also keep a head band in my bag.  This gold one is my favorite because it has different strands of gold beads - so not only does it match my hair - but it matches every outfit!  The bag of earrings you see is just an extra set.  We all have those crazy mornings and I have to have three things, body spray, lipgloss, and earrings - without them I practically feel naked.  There are 2 pair in there a neutral pair and a coral/orange/red pair - because that is the color I wear most often.

Well Here are some of my favorite things that I keep in my bag:

 My favorite thing in my bag is probably my lipgloss.  As you can tell I love lip glosses because I hate when people's faces lose color - and LIPS is where you can bring that color back!  And plus - lipgloss (especially the ones with pumper and caffeine) make your lips tingly and the day brighter!  I love lip gloss!

My favorite Lip Gloss right now is probably the Moxie Lipgloss from BareMinerals with the Borghese Lip Plumber a close second.  My mom put the Ice Crystals in my stocking and I was reluctant to use it at first because I thought that it was a little teenage for me.  However, it is a perfect sweet-smelling gloss that can go over anything!  It is a great quick fix! The chubby stick is almost never used.  It will get used more often as the spring comes and goes - but right now I try and keep the naturals on my lips!
 As you can probably tell - I LOVE PENS and PENCILS and SHARPIES!  School Supplies shopping every year is my favorite time.  I love the colorful felt tip pens!  They are perfect in any situation!  However, my favorite pens to use are the rainbow InkJoy packs from Paper Mate.  They have a very bold tip and with all of the colors - makes taking notes very fun!  I will admit - that I keep my sunglasses in my purse out of a case, which is probably bad.  Well I know it is bad - as I was taking things out of my purse for this blog, I noticed that my sunglasses are broken  I loved these sunglasses.  They were perfect because 1. I found them at my house (no clue whose they are) and 2. There were NOT tight on my temple and behind the ears - they literally fit perfect!  I LOVED these sunglasses.  Oh Well.

 Just like I can't leave the house without lipgloss - I can't leave the house without body spray, touch up fingernail polish, and my eos lip balm.  I get fever blisters religiously - I am actually shocked that I don't have my medicine in my purse right now.  It is imperative I keep my lips moist at all times.  The slightest dry-ness or chapped parts and I will get a fever blister.  It is a curse that I have gotten down from my grandfather through my mother.  I know it is TMI, but it explains a lot!  This ESSIE fingernail polish is a MUST HAVE this season - it is called Bachelorette Bash!  And the CalGon MoonPetal Musk is a lovely body spray (that isn't too strong) and the eos is ALL from Walgreens!! I am a sucker for a good retail therapy at Walgreens!  It has everything a girl needs - Makeup, Body Wash and Hair stuff, Hallmark cards (I am a sucker for a good cry in Walgreens - especially if I am there for some "therapy") and you can't forget their frozen food section (cookie dough AND ice-cream).  LOVE IT!

This next picture is something that is popular in Waco.  It is called Bee Bar Lotion.  They have different flavors and it is a bar of lotion - it kind of looks like soap - but it is INTENSE lotion.  I was a little reluctant to use it at first because it is a different texture - and very greasy for a moment after you rub it in.  However, it really keeps my hands super moist.  
I know that it is stupid - but I have a Emergency TOGO box that I take in any purse I have.  It has lip liner with a sharpener, finger nail clippers, lipgloss (DUGH), and Tide To Go.  This all fits inside an old glasses case that I have.  It is absolutely wonderful and so convenient; especially since I change purses often.  

Don't forget to go check out the other girl's blogs today and see what fun things we all have in our bags!  Let us know if we are missing anything!!  

Oh and check out my blog over at Charmedbliss because Keisha from Big Pitt Stop is guest posting!  




  1. I LOVE your purse! Can you post the link to where you got it from Amazon?

  2. On Amazon it doesn't look like there is another one - but here is the link


    And the name of the purse listing is:
    GALIENA Brown Top Double Handle Office Tote Shopper Hobo Shoulder Bag Satchel Purse Handbag

    Thanks so much for liking it! It really is an incredible purse!


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