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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Half Way Haul

  • It's been a good week!  I love waking up on Monday mornings knowing I'm going to sub and not having to go to class to sit all day long!  I subbed for keyboarding on Monday, so that was fun!  & I had two prep periods, and a lunch!  Woot!

  • Who bought the new JB CD yesterday?  I have always been a fan of his My World Acoustic version better than the original and I think I feel the same way about this one!  Go get it if you haven't already--it's really completely different than the regular Believe CD!

  •  Currently obsessed with fruit.  Raspberries in particular.  Goodness gracious!  YUMM!!  I just wish my child would eat fruit now like he did when he was a baby.  He will go a few days and eat the heck out of some fruit, and then the next day he's over it.

  • Is tomorrow really the last day of January?  WOW.  2013 is already flying by...and my baby will be 4 this year!  Tear!

  •  In science class the other day, we took old pennies made of copper (older ones, prior to 1982) & mixed them with zinc to create an alloy--of brass!  We pretty much made our pennies look like gold. It was a lot of fun!  We are always doing crazy cool stuff in there!  So thankful for such a wonderful teacher!

  •  Ryder's school is on the COMPLETE opposite side of town, so I have to get up, take him over there, and drive back to pretty much right by our house to sub and go to class, so most of my mornings consist of a yummy cup of joe!  I'm glad I have to time to enjoy it though as I make my track across town...twice!  ;)

  •  You all know I love me some math!  This is a little bit of what it looks like during math class on Tuesday & Thursdays!  I love it and seriously can't wait to hopefully teach it one day!

  • R is seriously so funny right now!  I said "yella" instead of "yellow" the other day and he told me, "My Poppy says 'yella' too and I don't know why he says that instead of 'yellow'...it's like he's trying to trick me or something."  Oh my word...

  • I am at a really happy point in my life right now, and I am really trying to soak it all up, enjoy the moment so that I can look back and be thankful for it.  I am loving being in schools teaching and interacting with the age I enjoy most, classes aren't too bad, I have my first Internship II meeting in two weeks, my relationship with Christ is growing on a daily basis and I feel like I can't soak up everything I'm learning and wanting to learn fast enough! And to top it off I have the sweetest boyfriend who takes better care of me and R than I could have ever imagined anyone doing, and am just extremely blessed! =)


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  1. This made me smile. I'm so glad to hear you are so content with where you are in your life :)


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