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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Halfway Haul-A Day Late!

I hope everyone had a fun 4th!  Me & mom just did a little shopping...R was with his dad & they had a biggo time at Mimi's house!  I was glad to get my baby back last night though...we cooked a yummy dinner over at my parents & enjoyed just hanging out & relaxing.  But boy...has today felt like a Monday ALL over again!  Two in one week is TORTURE!  :P  Here a just a few random things that have been going on around here...nothing fancy.  

  • Can he really be getting that long?  It just amazes me when he is all stretched out like that!

  • These are horse apples that we found on our trip to the farm & I knew I had to have them because they matched my kitchen so well!  Ryder calls this is "snowman"--we'll see how long they last!  

  • Saw this on my tire the other morning leaving for school...I guess it's about that time of year!  I remember "collecting" this as a kid when we would go on bike rides!  Ha!  EWW-gross!!

  • We don't see/hear much from Uncle G in Destin...so I was happy to see this picture of him "busy at work!"  He happens to work with a girl he graduated High School with at Brooks Brothers, so that's kinda fun!  & I thought he looked awfully cute!  ;)

  • I went into The Kitchen Store & More to get a gift, but of course, I had to look around for a bit too!  They seriously have some of the cutest stuff...I snapped a few fun pics of things I liked!

  • I love this platter, the color & the saying are just TOO perfect for my green, grey, black & white kitchen! 

  • Not at all saddened by the fact that I have to return my rented book back to the bookstore tomorrow!  WAHOO!  

  • I'm gonna have to find R a coral tie & some of those boots for fall!  LOVE this lil outfit!  

  • We went to the library one day & this is lil man "pretending" to eat a banana like I taught him! They have a little play kitchen & he just LOVES it!

  • He also had his first frappe that day...but it wasn't really a big hit.  

  • This is on my list of things to finish making for my kitchen this summer...

  • In love with this person's handwriting!  GORG!

  • Saw this burlap baseball hanger at ACE hardware & I can't wait to make one for when R is playing ball!  TOO cute!
One more day of class for this Mama & that is TWO more classes checked off of my list!  WAHOO!  Glad to knock them out in 5 weeks!  No big plans this weekend which I'm kinda looking forward to!

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