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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mid-Week Randoms

  • Half way through week 2 of summer school & I have my first tests tomorrow & Friday.  Better get on it!  
  • It really hasn't been too bad so far, the only homework I have to do is read, & it's for a fiction class, so it's not too bad.  The only think that is throwing me off is I'm gone 11-3, sitting in a classroom--with a ten minute break where I have to run to the parking lot, get in my car, drive across campus & run to my class, so...not much time to do anything or eat really!   So when I get home I'm seriously STARVED & literally eat my little heart out, & then by the time it's time for dinner, I'm not even hungry because I'm still so stuffed from my 3 o'clock "lunch".  Oh well...three & a half more weeks!  =) 

  • I found this lil bag at Walgreens for $3.99--yes!  Seriously!  I had been using a ole little Vera bag for SS that just wasn't cutting it for all my stuff & this was the perfect size & the price was even better!  I think I'm gonna go get it monogrammed after my classes are over!

  • Funny story about this little guy.  He had just gotten out of the bath the other night & I had been sitting on the toilet waiting on him to finish brushing his teeth (I do it first, & then he does it) & he told me to "hide under his blankie".  So he put blankie on top of my head & I just sat there a while waiting to see what he would do.  I had just bought a new bottle of tums that was on the bathroom counter, & next think I know, I can hear the bottle being messed with.  He then goes on to say, "Keep hiding mom, keep hiding...stay underneath there!"  When I realized what he was doing I was like OMG-he seriously thought that one out didn't he!  Needless to say, lil booger was CAUGHT & the tums were put away!

  • Ryder's babysitter this summer, Lizzie (who he LOVES) brought him this lil treat today!  It's Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba & it's a TY Beanie Baby!  I about DIED when I saw it because you rarely see any Yo Gabba stuff for sale--or at least I've never seen any!  I loved that he was made out of minky fabric so it looks like he has his dots!  She said she got him at Cracker Barrell, so I'm thinking he made need a few more friends to go with Muno...because he hasn't put poor Muno down since I got home this afternoon!

  • I wanted to let my readers in on a little secret! ;) A much awaited package arrived today...all the way from CHINA!  I scored this "J Crew" necklace that retails for around $150 on eBay for $14!  Can't beat that!--& you should get yourself one too...I know it's not real, but who cares!  :P  Even though it is stamped "J Crew" on the chain!  Doesn't it look fab with my t shirt & norts?  :P  I'm thinking about ordering some more colors...So, now you know this is legit & not a scam!  Just type in "jcrew bubble necklace" on eBay!

  • I'm obsessed with pineapple right now.  I eat at least one a week.  I just wish they didn't burn my mouth so bad!  :/

  • Sad to see where I went to HS finally coming down.   These were "pods"...we didn't really have legit hallways & if you walked in a circle you would eventually end up where you started.  Sometimes you had to go through classrooms to get to your classroom..it was seriously CRAY, but I loved every minute of that school & seriously some of my BEST memories were made in those hallways & classrooms.  I tried to go grab a brick the other day, but an unmarked cop car go out & told me to put it back.  I was seriously pissed off...but I'm gonna try again!  :P
  • One last thing!  Erin Condren launched her pre-sale for her new 2012-2013 planners this afternoon!  They are filled with all sorts of fun new things including:
    • Colored coded months
    • 2 page monthly spread (instead of one)
    • LAMINATED tabs!!--{can I get an AMEN!}
    • "Snap in" page holder/ruler (I had this in my agenda in HS & LOVED it, worked great!}
    • Study aluminum coil (instead of plastic) so that it doesn't bend or get messed up in a bag or purse
    • Photo stickers!  How FUN!
    • & Erin Condren PENS!  Oh my word...too much fun!
    • You can also pick between a 12 or 18 month calendar AND you can pick which month you want it to start!  {For example you can order it today, but not have it start till August when the new school year starts back up}
  • Hope on over there & check um out...get yourself one or put it on your birthday wish list!  ;)  Mine has been a life changer & I get compliments on it ALL the time!
Hope y'all are having a blessed week, & don't let a day go by without being thankful for all of your many blessings!  =)


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  1. LOVE that giraffe bag! What a great deal!

    And I absolutely love the bubble necklaces! RiffRaff in Fayetteville had knockoffs for like $20 or something. I just wonder how my big tatas would deal with all that necklace. What do you think?

    PS. I have that Lulus shirt you have on in the necklace pic! Mine is starting to wear out because I wear it so much! Gonna have to go back to the beach to get a new one! :)


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