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Thursday, July 29, 2010

BUSY day!

After 15 or so tries...I officially GIVE UP.  This is the only picture your gonna get today.  I don't know what's up with it.  BUMMER.  It keeps giving me FAIL.  FAIL.  FAIL.

Today was a great day!  Naynee & Karleigh came to down, and of course we went to Cross Creek Sandwich Shop downtown for some yummy lunch!  We had a great visit and I found a little treasure I have been looking for!  I have wanted a little wooden chair for Ryder to paint or stamp "time out" on the back.  I FOUND ONE!  YEAAAAHHH!  For 13 dollars now less!  SCORE!  I can't wait to fix it up, and put it out in our new house!  Even if I don't use it for "time out" it'll still be cute!  I screamed, & almost started crying when I found it!--& the price was even better!

Tonight, the family went out to eat in LR to celebrate my birthday a few days early since we're all gonna be gone the next few nights.  I decided on Chi's.  Mom and I go there often, but dad and G had never been.  They loved it...or acted like they did!  Ha!  It was a lot of fun, and Ryder even tried some egg drop soup & rice!

Since we were in LR, Garrett & I decided to head to the mall for a few things, and mom & dad were oh so nice to take Ryder home for me!  Me and G had a good time together!  It's never just the two of us any more!

I had some cute pics of Karleigh and Punkin' from lunch, and me and Punkin' & KeeKee from dinner...but I guess they'll have to wait.  Sad day!



  1. Awww, that's such a cute picture! I think you did good - but I hear you on it being hard to get decent pictures sometimes - they can be fast and not very inclined to look at the camera!

    Great find on the chair! And Happy early Birthday too! :)

  2. He is a CUTIE!!!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  3. I just sent you an email but it was undeliverable to your profile email address. You WON the $50 HomeGood's giftcard giveaway at http://thedailydover.com But I need your mailing address so I can mail it to you! You have one week to email me your mailing address PLEASE! janadover@gmail.com

  4. Oh my goodness, he is so precious! I just came over to let you know that I just nominated you for a blog award ;)

  5. Kati, your "Pumkin" is just precious. I love his new "hairdo." He really looks like your Dad! When are you moving into your new house? Is it in Conway?


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