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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Visit from Luke & Tonya

Tonya and Luke came to town the week before school started on Thursday night. They had family stuff that weekend with the other side of the fam but wanted to squeeze in some time with us too and we are so thankful! 

Ryder got to learn what a "meter" was and how to put money in it!  
Poppy went with us to get them...
And there they are...yellow and blue coming down!
They worked from home on Friday while I went to work too...but we all snuck away for lunch at the one and only Tacos 4 Life!  We all got different tacos so it was fun to share! 
Friday night we went out with the fam and tried a new place...Naru.  They were so sweet and brought this creation out to Ryder.
Uncle G even joined us!
Then we were off to Blue Sail for some coffee!  They had just reopened that morning after being closed all week!  Tonya even snuck buying me a giftcard for my birthday while we were there! ;)

We are so thankful for their time here with us!  

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