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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

summer bucket list [update]

Just wanted to give an update on our bucket list for the summer!!  I think we've done pretty good...as well as doing things that we didn't think to put on the bucket list!  Flip flop day and Cow day didn't happen for us (sad I know) because we were out of town...but there's always next year!!

I hope we make it back out to the fountain soon!  It's too pretty!

We've made a couple of different trips out to the library!  He likes to play while I look for books!

Marked off two in one day with Karleigh...picnic at the park and a summer movie!!  YAY!  
And lunch with Poppy!  We need a few more of these before school starts back up!

We have a few more things to accomplish...but I'll be okay with not checking everything off of our list!  They were just goals and ideas, and I'm happy how we've spent our time this summer!

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