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Saturday, August 2, 2014

big cedar [uno]

While KeeKee was away in China--Poppy, Ryder and I got away to Big Cedar for a few days!  We are not "Branson people" but you can now say we are "Bid Cedar people"!  This was all Poppy's idea so props to him!
It was so nice being able to drive a few hours away for a vacation, rather than 10 to the beach, which is what we usually do!  We headed out Sunday morning around 9 to get us there in time to chill a bit before heading out to dinner with some friends.  Thank goodness for iPads huh!? :P
This was necessary for the killer headache I had going on...I blame it on the inconsistent weather. :(
We stopped at Dixie in Harrison...and R loved the rolls and honey--just like his cousins Tonya did when she was his age and beyond! ;)
I made them stop at a flea market for me...it was a huge MISS, but I was grateful for them letting me stop to explore! ;)
Everything about Big Cedar reminds me of Disney World (on a smaller scale obvi)...but everything has so much detail and they don't leave a single thing out!  I didn't realize people came here form all over the COUNTRY!  Some of the license plates in the parking lot just SHOCKED me!  But it truly is a special place!!

The check in lodge had lincoln logs and checkers to occupy kids which was GREAT!
Back deck at the check in lodge...I spent some time out here by myself some days.  Even saw a deer jumping through there one morning

Poppy took us around every where to look so we would know our options for the days to come!
We freshened up a bit...and then headed out to The Landing to have dinner with some friends.
but first...I had to take R to Build A Bear because I had washed his bunny rabbit, so it didn't talk any more, and I had promised to let him make a new one!  This time he picked a dog!  Dox-C.  I asked him if he wanted to spell it DoxI or DoxY and he said "A C mom...Dox-C!"  Well...okay then son!

I fell in love with these little chicks following their Mama around! =)
We ate at the White River Fish House and I had the maple glazed salmon...OMG.  Too delicious!
Then we went and fed some geese!  That's always fun! :P
And of course...we had to stop for ice cream on our way home, because that's what you do on vacation, no matter where you are!  =)
R was so excited to see what the "fairies" had done to his bed with his friends!!
SO excited!!---Can't you tell!?
It was a great half day at Big Cedar to start off our vaca!  
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  1. Dox-C- that is too cute!
    Can't wait to hear about the rest
    I'm guessing there was fun to be had in that fantastic pool :)


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