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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

big cedar [tres]

We were there the weather got pretty crazy!  Like we're talking in the 60s...during the day!-In the middle of July!  Crazy right!?  Dad and R would get up and go canoeing or do whatever...and I would get up and around when I was ready, then walk myself down to the coffee shop!  This particular morning I remember everyone was in hoodies or long sleeve shirts with shorts!  Craziness, but I loved it!  
I never made it in the canoe with these guys, but they had a blast and R of course LOVED it! ;)

His KeeKee has taught him all about plants and flowers etc.  Not my thing...but maybe one day!  He says that these particular flowers "hug your nose" when you smell them!  I just DIED laughing!  I thought it was something that KeeKee had taught him...but she said no, that was something he came up with on his own!  
Down at the Marina, they have their own little "beach"!  They even have the chairs and umbrellas provided for you!  I had plans to make it down there, but never did!  I will most definitely next time!
Turtles every where!!!
We decided to change things up and go into town for lunch...and not eat at an attraction restaurant, but at a local spot.  We tried Rocky's and had some delicious spaghetti that Poppy and I split!  I'm sure Ryder had mini corn-dogs, just like he did every where else that week!  Obvi, someone got a little crazy with taking selfies! ;)

Then we made a stop at Dick's 5 and dime just to look!  Obviously this was a happening place!  Actually...we stopped because a guy my dad played baseball with in college owns it!  We actually ran into him inside believe it or not!  Ryder got some new Legos and a cool space shuttle.  I looked high and low for a tacky coffee mug that I actually liked, but didn't have any luck.  

Doing what dad does best...we drove around looking at places.  Found some trout resorts where people could rent cabins and go fishing.  Pretty neat and very beautiful!  
We did some shopping...and R got some ice cream before we headed out to dinner and then our first and only show! =)

More selfies!!!  Haha!  Some how...I got us tickets on like the umm...fourth row!  LOL--so this guy was scared to death of the "real whale" before the show even started!!!  But all was well and we all LOVED the show!  It was long but worth it!  It definitely made me want to see other shows at the Sight and Sound theatre in the future!

One more day of Big Cedar and I'll be done! ;) 

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  1. When I lived in Branson, we LOVED going to Rocky's. I haven't thought about that place in a looooong time. Good to know it's still going strong.


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