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Thursday, July 31, 2014

birthday fun [giveaway]

UPDATE 9:40 PM 7/31/14:  There was only one entry available on the Rafflecopter giveaway earlier for some ODD reason--I have since added a few more entry options because I know not everyone has Twitter!  Good luck!

Do I have a treat for you today!!  To have a little BIRTHDAY fun on the blog--I wanted to give something away that I truly feel passionate about and want to share with my readers/friends!  Not just share as in tell about...but share as in GIVE ONE AWAY!!  Get excited!!!

You know I'm a huge fan of She Reads Truth and all that they God is doing thru them!  I've always "journaled" on my own through thru their studies in my own journals (TJ Maxx has the cutest and cheapest if you ask me) throughout each study.  

They recently introduced their own study packs for people who wanted more "structure"...But as cute and adorable as they were, I didn't want to change up what I had going on...and why try to fix something that isn't exactly broken?

Well...one day Allie told me she left me a surprise on my door step!!  It was the Sermon on the Mount study pack!  I was so excited and though it was such a sweet surprise!!  [She later told me...it was from her mom not her...ha!  So...thanks DeeDee!!]

Well...I hate to even admit it...but I LOVED the Study Pack and the way it was structured and allowed me to fill up those pages with my heart!!  The "She Prays" and "She Lives" sections really pushed me to think and write what was on my heart specifically for that day...in that area, which wasn't something I had normally done with my own journal.  

So...I have since fallen for them and TOTALLY understand why everyone wanted them in the first place!  Can I still do the study without the pack?  YES!  Can I always afford them?  NO!--Which is why I am wanting to give ONE HEBREWS STUDY PACK AWAY!!  Whether you have tried them before or not...somebody is gonna get one! ;)

The plan officially starts August 6th via their blog OR their new iPhone APP (but you can start ANY time after that...there are not dates written into the packs)!!  It comes with four postcards that you can choose to send to a friend or two or put in a cute picture frame, or hang on your wall.  It also comes with two business card sized memory verse cards to put in your dashboard of your car etc. etc.  FUN right?!

[all photos from She Reads Truth]

I hope you are as excited about this as I am!

Since the study starts so soon....I'm only keeping it open till Sunday, August 3rd at 11:59 PM.  You may enter a total of six times (some of them multiple days) using the Rafflecopter giveaway below!  Better get busy!! ;)


  1. Anchors are my new "thing"!!! This is perfect!! I want one!! I am loving the app. Thank you for sharing!!
    Love, Naynee

  2. I love She Reads Truth and it would be great to have this to help follow along!

  3. I adore the She Reads Truth studies! And the books!

    1. I enjoy doing them at my desk at home or the kitchen table. So long as it's quiet!

  4. I love to be on the couch or on the back patio anytime that Judah is asleep! �� I've never done one of these studies, so I would love to start this week! Haha ��
    Megan B.


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