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Friday, December 6, 2013

sick day for R...

This is a post that never got published...

R had been a lil down and not himself and was constantly hot after going to bed.  I knew he either had strep or an ear infection.  Sure enough...it was his ear.  We ended up having a nice enjoyable day at home together where I got to catch up on a few things!

Third book in the Divergent series!-I haven't dug right into like I thought I would but I'm hoping I'll get it read over Christmas Break!  My sweet Mama pre-ordered it from Amazon and it was on my front porch the day it came out!
I had a bit of work that I needed to get done for school...so while little man was sleeping in I got some stuff done before heading out to the Dr.
He enjoys going to the Dr. which is a blessing...but at the same time I have to tell him he shouldn't WANT to go to the Dr.
"An ear infection AGAIN!?"

Our afternoon consisted of Hungry Hippos & Candy Land and some snuggles on the couch!  No complaining here!  =)

If some of your remember from the past, my mom got a golden doodle named Brett and then she gave him away to a couple I went to OBU with.  Ryder misses him every once and while and even has picture of the two of them hanging up on his bulletin board.  Well Ryder wanted to make something for Bretty Brett & mail it to him, so that's what we did!  Brett has since been renamed Ryder--"Ryder's" mama posted these pictures of "Ryder" getting his mail for my Ryder!  I showed it to my Ryder the day he woke up sick and I could tell it lifted his spirits so much cause I knew he wasn't feeling his best!  Thankful we still get to keep up with Bretty Brett here & there!  ;)

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