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Saturday, December 7, 2013

R's first time on an airplane!

Last year, we decided we were going to go to Atlanta for Thanksgiving this year.  It had been a good 5 years since our last visit out there for Thanksgiving and Luke & Tonya had just bought a new house last year, so it was time!  Atlanta is full of all sorts of things to do and I wanted R to get to experience some of them while we were there...and to do that we needed to head down there earlier than my parents and my brother.  My uncle just happens to fly for Delta, so I asked if me and R could use some buddy passes to get there early so we could start the party sooner!  I was so thankful for the opportunity with my little guy!  I didn't quite freak out about flying with a four year old alone until the day of...but he's a good kid and once I got him to talk to in a whisper voice in the gate and plane, it was all a breeze!  ;)

 KeeKee dropped us off & said see ya in a few days!
 He had a million and one questions to ask...and I am thankful for that but it got a point where I told him he just had to be quiet because the whole gate did not want to listen to a four year old ask their mom a million and one questions!  :P
 I told him that was our plane...and it finally started to get real!  :P

 It was dark when we took off...so he didn't get to see a lot.  This was seriously the newest plane I had been on...everything was new and updated, it was very nice!  We were in a row of three seats and it was just the two of us so we had plenty of room which was nice!
 He insisted on buckling his dog in.
 Thank goodness for iPads right?!  :P I did forget his earphones so that was kinda a bummer...

Getting our luggage off the baggage claim!  He was such a big help!  He carried his own backpack and his own rolling suitcase which helped me out a TON!
Aunt Kathy & Uncle Sam picked us up...but let me drive home in Atlanta traffic for practice & look at the truck that was in front of us on the way to Luke & Tonya's house!!  How random huh!?
 Glad to be in a warm bed with my sweet boy & glad to finally be in a Atlanta!  =)
We had the cutest little room for the week with the best hospitality!  So thankful we got to stay with Luke & Tonya and enjoy their cozy house!


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