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Saturday, December 7, 2013

our trip coming to an end

Wednesday was a cooking and baking day at Aunt Kathy's house!  We all had a lot of fun and it was nice to just relax and enjoy time together!  Aunt Kathy made some of the best white bean chicken chili I've ever had for lunch!  I plan on posting the recipe soon...because I've been home 7 days, and have already made it twice!  ;)

This was a fun TimeHop--to this day R things all the Salvation Army bell ringers are elves!!  Ha!
Sad I didn't any pictures of "us" on Thanksgiving Day--but we were just too busy soaking it all up.  We had Thanksgiving "dinner" so it was nice to just kinda chill all day, take our time making the meal and enjoying all the festive things on TV!

We played Hedbandz after dinner while we sipped on coffee an nibbled on desserts!  It was a harder game than I thought it would be...but it was definitely fun!
 Lil man was EXHAUSTED the next day!
 Thanksgiving night on our way home we were straight up losers and stopped by Krispy Kreme for donuts at midnight!  Ha!  R was asleep so we got him a fun donut to have in the morning for breakfast!  :P
R running around in their front yard before we headed out for the day.
 We had to make a Starbucks run of course!  ;)  & if Mama gets a coffee, then R has to have his lemon loaf!
 We met up with everybody at the Tellus Science Museum which turned out to be really neat!  It had stuff for R all the way up for adults--so we all really enjoyed it!

On our way home we drove thru a light up place...this Santa is the largest light of displays in the Southeast.  R loved all the lights and it was nice to soak up the Christmas spirit the day after Thanksgiving!
We stayed the night at Aunt Kathy & Uncle Sam's so that we could wake up and leave the next morning with my parents and Uncle G.  R and I slept in Tonya's childhood room and there were SO many memories in there...this is one I found hanging on the wall!  If I remember correctly that was the Summer of 2006 in Centennial Park in downtown Atlanta after going to the aquarium!
 It was a LONG drive home....made me even more thankful for getting to fly there!  We had our normal road trip lunch at McAlister's and then had to grab some SB before hitting the road for one last long haul!
Sweet baby slept a good amount of the trip which gave everybody's ears a rest!  ;)
FYI to anyone that might need to know--GA clay does NOT come out of clothes even have the use of special techniques.  Live and learn though...it could be worse!

We had a wonderful and long trip and R got to experience a lot of cool things for a little guy!  We love Atlanta and can't wait to go back!  =)

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