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Saturday, December 7, 2013

atlanta day 1 & 2

Sunday morning we got up, Tonya made us a yummy oatmeal to go cupcake breakfast to go & we were out the door headed to church!
Their church is located on a beautiful lot with lots of land and the boys had fun running around afterwards while everybody talked!

We went and had lunch at Carraba's which was AMAZING! We got the calamari for an appi and Luke and I both got the chicken parm which we ended up having so much left over afterwards that we ate for the next two days--I love restaurant meals like that!

We spent the afternoon at Aunt Kathy & Uncle Sam's house just hanging out.  We watched The Hunger Games to prepare for going to see Catching Fire in the next few days, and R went on a walk with Aunt Kathy.  
On our way home, we made a stop at Trader Joe's when we saw that it was open.  This is something I've always seen people talk about, but have never had the opportunity to visit one!  Tonya had never been either...so we had to see what the hype was all about!  It was a pretty neat store that had a lot of cool and unique items that I would love to try.  These are the three things we made it home with! Thumbs up to all three!  ;)
We were turning into a little family of four & R was making himself right at home! ;)  This gave Luke & Ton an idea of what was to come in the future!  ;)
 We all had to watch the AMAs!
The poor kitty cats have been tortured since we made our arrival...they didn't even know what to think about R!  They ran from him every chance they got!  This is where I found Tarzan Sunday night when we were going to bed!
 Good night world!

Monday morning, we met Aunt Kathy half way and then road together into downtown Atlanta.  I have always loved DT ATL but I had forgotten how much!  It is just such a fun and inviting place with so much to do--we will definitely be back!

We finally made it to the aquarium and let our adventurous day begin!
We got to touch sting rays which was really neat--R didn't want to but I did!  ;)

We got to watch a whale shark feeding...even though it really wasn't that cool.  We learned that whale sharks can get up to the size of a yellow school bus, BUT...their throat is only the size of an American quarter, so their feedings have to be very very small!  CRAZY huh!?

Two albino alligators...VERY interesting!
There was a scuba diver inside the piranha tank cleaning it out and moving things around.  It was really interesting to just sit and watch her for a while...she finally turned around and waved at R!

Probably the most fascinating thing all day...which is why I included so many pictures of it.  This octopus started out at the back of the tank and then slowly made his way to the front...and all the way across the glass--& we were RIGHT there!  The way it moved was so intriguing and interesting I just couldn't even believe it!  I wish the pictures did it justice!

Look at those suctions!!

Tonya and I used to collect smashed souvenir pennies, so Aunt Kathy let R make one at the aquarium! This brought back so many memories for me and my childhood!
Before heading back to the car, we had to take a few tourist pictures!  This was a dolphin that had been signed by all the Atlanta Falcon players!
Big ornaments outside the World of Coke!
Love how the outside of the aquarium looks like a boat!!
Next on the agenda was to visit the original Chick Fil A Dwarf House that was bout 30 minutes away!  Poor lil guy was warn out!
You actually had the option of sitting down to dine in or not...of course we did, because where else do you have that opportunity at a CFA!?!
We got the same'ole same'ole, but can't say it's ever been served to me on a plate before!

Y'all know CFA holds a special place in my heart so I loved getting to share this memory with my lil guy!
Tonya & Luke actually beat us home from work that day...we fixed a yummy hamburger dinner, got a fire going and watched some Monday Night Football of course!  We were all looking forward to a chill, rainy "work-from-home" day the next day!
A wonderful start to our lil vacation!  {PS isn't their house just the cutest!?}

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