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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ryder's pirate party @ school {four years old}

We did a "friend" party at R's school this year!  He finally wanted a pirate party and I was so glad because this is what I wanted to do last year!  :P
R loved helping me stuff the piñata for all of his friends!
Everybody got an eye patch & bandana to wear during the party and to take home!
Present time at SB is so much fun and so very sweet!  Each child hands their gift to the birthday child and let's them open it!  R was so overly excited and it made my heart so warm to see him so excited and over joyed about life!

Abigail & Dexter!
Evan & Andrew!
Time to walk the plank!!

Pinata time!  Everybody LOVED it!

We are so thankful for Snuggle Bug and all that it has done for me and Ryder over the past year!


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