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Saturday, September 28, 2013

ryder's family party! {4 years old}

We had R's family party at at Mimi & PawPaw's again this year...because he loved having it there so much last year and always talked about it!  We didn't really have a "theme" but we did have a Mexican food theme! ;)

It's so fun to get together with both sides of the family and for all of us to come together to celebrate this special little guy!  How is he really FOUR?!

We had a great turn out and R got lots of fun new toys to fit what he's into these days which includes: transformers, Ninja Turtles (especially dress up), Octonauts, and all kinds of games!  He loaded up!

His sweet cousin Caleb!

Everybody had lots of fun playing in the playroom!  Mimi has all the best toys!

R was mad at somebody during the pictures...which is why there isn't a great one!  :/
Aunt Amanda & Hannah!
With his Great Granny Jones and his Bonus Great Grand Mimi!  He's a blessed little kid for SURE!
That kid played with his new Octanaut Pod for a week straight after getting it!  He's still pretty crazy about it!  :P


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