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Saturday, October 12, 2013

R being R!

R loves when Mimi picks him up in her Corvette!

 Laughin' in the carwash!-I love that he loves life!
Lovin' on his Mama!
 Helping me make dinner...he has been such a good helper lately!
 Drawing a giraffe...I was IMPRESSED!
 & his elephant!
 Helpin' me make brownies for a get together!
 We love little shopping carts at Kroger!
 Loving some Octanauts and his Mama!
Ms. Abby IG this on his b-day!  I love that he loves my friends!
He's always been into skateboards...and Mimi finally got him one!!
Four-wheeler time!
Lovin' his new Nin-jin Turle costume as he calls it!  :P


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