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Sunday, October 27, 2013

mom's kitchen redo!

Mom & dad's kitchen has been through many different phases since they moved in in 2003-ish.  But the change has never been as drastic as it was this summer!  Mom basically came up with all the ideas herself and then told the contractor what she wanted and he made it happen!  It was no quick or simple task, but the end result is FANTASTIC!  I've been wanting to blog about it for a while now, and it's finally here!  

Two of the few "before" pictures.  Wood cabinets, with pea-yellowish walls...
They built and added the cabinetry above the sink, fridge & microwave which made it a little more modern.  They also took off the old trim around the ceiling, and the trim at the top of the cabinets.  
Mom has always wanted a bookshelf for her cook books etc. at the end of the bar...so they just added 10 inches to the bar since she was getting new counter tops anyways! She also wanted these posts, so she designed those into the bookshelf and I think they look GREAT!  This might be one of my favorite things about the new kitchen!

Here you see the new trim around the  cabinets and the old trim back up around the ceiling (which is still wood, but will eventually be white).  They have bead board all around the bottom of the chair rail around the dining area of the kitchen, so they added it under the bar as well.
Granite countertops added and green cabinets!!  A lot of people got nervous when mom told them she was painting her cabinets green but I think they turned out great!--& wait till you see them with glaze!!

Bookshelf!!  Looks like it's been there all along!
New lighting...

and...the top cabinets with some glaze!  LOVE them!

Top with glaze, bottom without...

Close up of the glaze...
New sink, & sink faucet, backsplash complete & pendant lights!
They added under cabinet lighting as well...
Love their backslash behind the oven & sink...a little modern for them, but it draws everything so well together!
All cleaned up but lacking decor!

and finally with all of mom's decor back in action!

I need to get pictures of the other side of the kitchen with her fun gallery wall.  She is getting a new kitchen table as well, but it's on back order...so maybe I'll wait till she gets that in!

I hope you enjoyed the remodel as much as we did!

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