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Sunday, November 3, 2013

halloween 2013

Funny story.  I was teaching about the skeletal system on Halloween.  I didn't plan it that way it just kinda worked out.  I had real bones to show my students the spongy bone and compact bone.  They asked me where I got them and I just told them I had harvested them over the weekend.  They all looked at me like "REALLY?"  I just went with it and I guess they did too!  Well...one their exit slip one of my students asked, "Y u lie about harvesting dem bonez?"  I couldn't help but LOL when I read this!!
Poppy's bank always dresses up with a them and this year it was decades.  We used to be able to go to the bank on Halloween and see everybody dressed up but we couldn't this year, but Poppy did send us this picture of him and his secretary Christy!
We always have to go see Mr. Nick on Halloween!  R just loves him!  He had a bucket full of whoppers waiting on R!  :P
R was a minion at his Snuggle Bug fall festival, but Halloween night he came out in the ENTIRE outfit himself and said he wanted to be a baseball player so we just went with it!  :P

 Obviously he didn't want his picture taken...but I had to document it!  :P

Crossing his eyes in hopes that I'll just call it quits!!

We went around the neighborhood next door and few on our street and called it a night!  He got MORE than enough candy so no need to drag it all out any longer!  He loves Halloween!  ;)  Such fun to see Holidays through kid's eyes again!

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