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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fun Times!

I think R gets out and does more than his Mama does!  But that's perfectly okay...I'm so glad he gets to experience the things that he gets to experience...especially at such a young age!
Riding his four wheeler in the mud!  Ha!

Ryder and his sweet Mimi!  =)

 He was building a little pond/lake for his boat to go in!  I eventually made him take his clothes off so he wouldn't get everything he owned muddy!  :P
It was so pretty out one day last week, we went out on the front porch and had dinner!  Then Poppy came to get R and take him to the UCA/UALR Baseball game at Dickie Stevens Park!!  They had a blast!  R loved the cotton candy and peanuts! :P
Then...on Friday night, they went to a home UCA game!  I sure hope my lil guy loves this sport as much as the rest of his family does!  =)

A little outdoor driveway fun with my lil guy on Saturday night!  Things are NEVER boring around here!  =)


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