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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Life around here...

  • We've been staying busy around here...but are thankful for a new change of pace for a little bit!  I am officially done subbing {insert sad face}, and have officially started May Intercession!  I've never taking a MI class before, but so far it hasn't been bad at all...and I keep telling myself it will be so nice in 2.5 weeks to have knocked a class out of the way!  WAHOO!

  • We have been spending most of our evening outside between our backyard and my parents'.  R got this swing from Nana & Papaw for Christmas, and we just now got it hung up outside and he loves it!  It's a  great swing for lil guys!  =)

  • I forgot to show y'all what R and KeeKee made for me for Mother's Day!  I LOVE IT!  I've never done his hand print on anything, so I am so thankful to have this, and in a cute frame at that! 

  • I found the perfect place for it at my desk!  This truly is my little happy place--hoping to paint the walls this summer...we'll see!  :P

  • R came home from Mimi's on Monday with a little turtle!  I was actually excited because I have always wanted a little turtle like this...and when I was in the 3rd grade I saved up my money to go buy one, and when we got to the pet store they told us they didn't sell them any more because they carried diseases.  I was distraught!--So now, I finally get to have my pet turtle! ;)
  • I am loving this time of year with my little guy!  We are so blessed and I don't want to go a day without remembering that!  I pray that R grows up realizing how blessed he is as well!
  • It's SEASON FINALE DAY for Grey's and Scandal!  WAHOO!  I'm going to try to be watching LIVE (but we'll see, cause that sadly never happens!)

Happy Thursday friends!  =)


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